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This plant will yield endless blooms perfect for cutting and filling vases.
This plant is beloved by bees.
The colours and frangrance of this plant will play a role in attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.
Add colour to food and drinks with this edible flower.
This drought-tolerant plant will survive with little to no watering.
Deer will avoid eating this plant.
This plant is seeded, propagated and grown at The Greenery Garden Centre.
Grows best in Full Sun
Grows best in Part Shade
Grows best in Shade
This plant likes Bright Light
This plant likes Medium Light
This plant likes Low Light
Keep soil moist
Water weekly
Water Bi-Weekly

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Cut-flowers Pollinators Butterfly Edible Drought-tolerant Deer-resistant Homegrown Sun Part-shade Shade

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Grows Best In:   Shade to Part Shade

Double Impatiens are a great choice for a shaded area offering beautiful flowers which resemble those of a miniature rose.    They are set up on the designated tables just to the north of the cashier area.

An abundance of rose-like blooms. Impatiens provide vivid colour and are easy to grow. There is no need to remove faded flowers or prune. Blooms all season.

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