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Update: February 26, 2021

Hello Gardeners! 

We have exciting news; our online ordering store is now open!

A few things to note:

We offer parking lot pickups with a $50 minimum order.  
You can arrange for a friend or delivery company to pick up your order - they will be asked for your name and order number on pick-up. 
We will update our site with what is available, coming soon, or sold out as frequently as possible.
There are a few items that are only available in-store. This is due to having limited quantities we were able to grow. 

Please remember that our system is not automated in any way, so all inventory updates will be done by personnel on the floor as we see items being sold both to the people onsite and online. 

Please enjoy browsing some of your favourite plants as we continue to add more.

We are still new to having an online store, so please have patience.  


The Greenery Family